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Thick Heads

Buy adding .100 to the deck surface you allow the entire intake
 seat to be enclosed by the aluminum material

Note on Intake manifolds : when you add .100 inches to your intake and then put it on a standard deck block, you can simple use a intake manifold for a tall block , but if you want even more rod length and put a thick head on a .100 or higher block then you would need a plus .200 or more manifold, then add to this confusion you can order your heads with additional material to compensate for this , so now a +.100 manifold could be used on a thick head and tall deck block !!!     You also need to note the space for a small gasket on the ends of the intake could end up very large requiring adapters and gasket plates to be made up.
These chambers are usually designed for 4.187 bore diameters and hold 200cc volume

valve actually sits below the deck surface , beside the head gasket

Her a standard deck head is shown with part of the seat exposed and reduced in thickness
( which may distort when heated )

Thick heads correct this and allow use of thicker o-rings made from a tube of stainless steel (hoops) instead of SS wire, also there is no break in the ring around the cylinder

  Hoops - T/F Hemi Height Width  
  Standard  .098 .050  
  Tall .100, .105, .110    
  Wide   .058, .060  

Thick head clears valve and seat