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Reseller Progam

Dark Side will sell your used or new race/performance parts.
Drop off or send us race/performance parts you can no longer use. 

After the parts are received by Dark Side they are:

A)Dissembled, cleaned, repaired, updated (if required).

B)If required, parts will be returned to the original manufacturer for testing and recertification (SFI if applicable)
Note: If cost to refurbish parts exceeds their refurbished value, parts may be sold/disposed of as is.

C)Parts are stored, advertised, packaged and shipped.

D)All costs including material, labor, shipping, taxes, brokerage fees, will be applied against the final sale.

This is a Pay as Sold Selling Service. You will not be paid until your parts have sold.
Ownership transfers upon delivery of goods to Dark Side.