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Dark Side specializes in Chassis Fabrication  , Welding (TIG)  , Machining, Fuel Management, Electronic Fuel Injection, Data Acquisition and Computer Systems as well as New and Used Parts for Top Fuel Dragsters, Funny Cars, Top Fuel Harleys and any other vehicles powered by Nitro, Alcohol or Gasoline.
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Parts - DarkSide
"The Current List of Used Parts and our Inventory of New"

Custom fuel / distributor drive

Custom dual drive with cylinder timing 


New door for your trailer ???

New door for the trailer, out with rotten wood in with alum frame....

Top Fuel Fix Coming to Canada - "DragRaceCanada"

DragRaceCanada has received a few inquiries — and we now have confirmation that Top Fuel racing will be “a happening thing” again this summer for Canada…..While the IHRA has officially dropped the Top Fuel class as a official eliminator — we can reveal officially that both of the IHRA’s highly entertaining Mopar Canadian Nitro Jam National events this summer in Canada will include “long and loud” cars. Thanks to the continued vision and innovation by Rob Reeves (at Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway) and Paul Spriet (at Grand Bend Motorplex) – both those events will be supplemented by 4-car Top Fuel fields – much to the applause of the Canadian racing public.
"DragRaceCanada" - POST


Does your 2-piece racing suit have a plastic waist zipper? If yes, you will need to replace the plastic zipper with a metal zipper. I can get your racing leathers 2015 race ready!
MrsDarkSide's Repair Service
Please contact me if you are interested any alterations or repairs for your Leather Jackets, Pants, and/or Racing Suits. I work on all types of motorcycle clothing - leather and textiles. I am conveniently located in Calgary, AB and ship worldwide.
*The price to remove the horizontal plastic zipper and replace it with a metal zipper is $100.
I look forward to hearing from you!
kelly@darkside.ca  --  Ph: 403-547-6691

Fuel/Clutch/Ignition Management

Fuel/Clutch/Ignition Management  
This is a summary of many different fuel management systems , the numbers are a little old school
 and may not represent current "BIG show" technology. 

Get ready for spring

Now is the time for those small machining/fabricating
projects that will make the upcoming season a little less stressful.

Brad Anderson Enterprises

3.2" lifter spacing, water billet blocks and heads.......


Spark Plug Repair

Replacing the area of the original Spark Plug hole  -- gives the same heat transfer conditions as original, and can be replaced or helicoiled at track